College Counseling

With ever changing college admissions requirements it’s nice to know that someone is watching out for you. Over the last 5 decades, Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles has graduated hundreds of students who have enrolled in the most prestigious colleges and universities in the world, and proceeded to distinguish themselves in the arts, humanities, and sciences.

Our rigorous college preparation curriculum provides our students all the tools they need to become the next generation of world-class movers and shakers.

The Lycée College Counseling Department is your navigational partner in the sometimes-treacherous waters of the college admissions and application process. We consider the entire span of your high school educational experience through special attention to your academic and social development.

Academic Review

Students receive a thorough review of their academic records to ensure that basic high school graduation and college entrance requirements have been met.

A counselor meets individually with all students to assess the potential match for their stated college options and their personal and academic achievements.

Based on the findings of this assessment, students will receive suggestions on various considerations related to their college goals.

College Applications

With paper applications going the way of the dinosaur, electronic applications are the rule in the 21st Century. Daunting as paper applications can sometimes be, electronic applications offer their share of challenges! The Lycée Counseling Department helps students with in-depth college application assistance.

Test Preparation

Along with a student’s grade point average, standardized test scores on exams such as the SAT and ACT are of critical importance to college admissions. The College Counseling Department responds to this fact of life by providing students with intensive SAT preparation as part of the school’s curriculum.


Knowledge is power and the Lycée empowers its students with an abundance of information including: general and specific college requirements, standardized test dates and fees, college catalogs, and Internet resources for all aspects of college admissions.

The Counseling Department has a complete handbook on how to help students effectively navigate through the college admissions process, which covers important college considerations from A-Z.

Career Counseling

Are you uncertain of what you want to be when you grow up? Lycée counselors can help you envision your dreams in the context of reality by guiding your efforts in the direction of your goals.

Financial Aid

For most people, paying for college is a major issue. The Counseling Department helps interested students get a jump-start on these concerns by providing them timely information about financial aid requirements and options along with application advice.

Extracurricular Activities / Community Service

As colleges become increasingly competitive, admissions personnel look for innovative ways of selecting between candidates of similar academic standing. This is accomplished by considering a student’s leadership experience and service to the community. The Lycée Counseling Department maintains a listing of community service opportunities covering a broad range of categories tailored to a student’s particular interests.

For more information, contact the College Counseling Department during regular school hours, by phone at 310-836-3464 x332 or by email at or