The Elementary School at Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles consists of grade Kindergarten II through Fifth with both International and French School Programs.

All students are exposed to a great deal of stimulating coursework. Both sections benefit from a generous schedule of French and English as well as Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Art, Computer Science, Music, and Physical Education. Ballet and Fencing are included in the program as electives.

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Homework takes center stage in the First grade where parents are invited to guide students in their homework, while encouraging them towards a greater degree of self-reliance. Students may attend Study Hall and do their homework under the supervision of teachers. Students develop a clear love for learning and are constantly encouraged to break through their limits. This is an exciting time in their schooling when they are free to check out library books, to work on class projects, and to develop valuable study habits on their own.

All First graders are taught at the Century City Campus where they set an example of excellence in conduct and work habits to their friends in the Kindergarten II program. There is also a Kindergarten II and First grade program at the Pacific Palisades Campus as well as Preschool and Kindergarten I. Most studies show that a youngster's ability to develop linguistic skills is particularly enhanced during these formative years and many Lycée Français students become proficient enough to transfer to the French School Program by the Second grade.


The Second through Fifth grades are located at the Main Campus at Overland, as well as a Second grade at the Pacific Palisades Campus, where students are ready for a larger selection of co-curricular and extra-curricular courses. As students become more sophisticated, they are trained to think for themselves, encouraged to solve problems and get involved in research and resources. By the end of the Fifth grade, they are unquestionably ready to tackle the demands of any middle school program and can certainly move seamlessly into the Middle School program at Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles.