Middle School

The Middle School at Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles consists of grades Sixth, Seventh and Eighth, with both International and French School Programs. The curriculum is designed to help boys and girls make the crucial psychological transition that bridges the Lower and the Upper School while still maintaining a college preparatory orientation.

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Developmentally, these are very important years for our students, and an interdisciplinary approach is used to help them hone their study skills as the coursework becomes increasingly demanding. There is a noticeable increase in homework at the Middle School level, and particular emphasis is placed on problem solving, writing, research techniques and resources, use of computer applications and an appreciation of goal-oriented organizational techniques. At this level, there are also increased opportunities for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Middle School has its own student council and its own newspaper. Students may work on their assignments at the after school Study Hall with a teacher's assistance.

As is true throughout the school, International School Program courses are taught in English and French is the academic language in the French School Program. While knowledge of French is not a prerequisite for admission, French and English language instruction is required of all students and students at all levels quickly become proficient. In the French School Program, a choice of a third language, either Spanish or German, is taught from Eighth grade through Twelfth grade and is mandatory. Latin is mandatory in the International School Program and as an Elective in the French School Program. Qualified Lycée students are allowed to transfer from one section to another with faculty approval.

Standard coursework at these grade levels include English, French, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Computer Sciences, Physical Education, Applied Arts, Performing Arts (Theater) and Music (Music Appreciation and Choir).