As early as the tender of age of three, Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles students begin to explore the stimulating world of learning in an international environment.  The preschool is taught by professional and caring American and native French teachers. 

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It is true that children are able to more easily acquire other languages when they are young. A large percentage of students who begin at Le Lycée’s preschool become so proficient in French that they are able to continue seamlessly into the French School Program in elementary school. Many of these preschool children continue on to successfully take the rigorous French Baccalauléat exam as young adults in the 12th grade. Those students who continue in Le Lycée’s International School Program in elementary school are students who are more comfortable and confident in their world from their exposure to more global experiences in preschool. They are also vastly ready to take on the scholastic pursuits that follow as well as build upon the strong foundation of learning French and other languages.

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At Le Lycée there are ample opportunities for the preschooler to stretch, to learn, and to become more socially adept. The school’s credentialed staff provides the students with the resources they need to begin to grow into inquisitive young learners who develop readiness skills for elementary school. When walking through Le Lycée’s preschool campuses, it is easy to see that the children are interested, happy, and safe. Play and learning are almost indistinguishable as the students are led in engaging activities. In spite of the recreational appearance of the activities, real work in the areas of development and learning is being accomplished. Lycée’s multi-national teachers possess many creative and unique methods to tap into the child’s natural desire to learn as American and French teaching styles merge to create a dynamic approach to instruction.