High School


20 Jan Friday

Pulled beef sliders. Home fries. Fresh fruit. Brownies.

23 Jan Monday

Assorted pita pizzas. Green salad with ranch. Poppy seed cake.

24 Jan Tuesday

Shrimp fried rice. Steamed broccoli. Cheesecake.

25 Jan Wednesday

Beef and ricotta cheese lasagna. French baguette. Caesar salad. Chocolate mousse.

26 Jan Thursday

Chicken schnitzel. Chopped salad. Chocolate chip cookies.

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20 Feb Monday

Presidents' Week

Thru: 2.24.17 Major Dates Calendar
20 Mar Monday

Jour de la Francophonie

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14 Apr Friday

Good Friday

Major Dates Calendar
24 Apr Monday

Washington, DC Trip (10th Grade Only)

Thru: 4.28.17 Kabbaz H. S. Calendar

Spring Break

Thru: 4.28.17 Major Dates Calendar