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When You Give to Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles you are helping to expand the world of a Le Lycée student.Each hardworking student at Le Lycée has a unique opportunity not only to develop his skills for academic excellence and to gain a significant foothold in his personal future but he also gains the experience and the tools necessary for becoming an informed and well-rounded world citizen. 

This one-of-a-kind school combines what is traditionally the best in the French educational system with what is traditionally the best in the American educational system to produce the finest students in the world. Le Lycée graduates are capable, motivated, and have a global perspective.  When you help Le Lycée students, you are making the world a better place for everybody.

Our students come from all walks of life and Le Lycée welcomes people who come from around the world as well as those from right up the street.  Your contributions help Le Lycée provide this diverse group the best possible education.

Soon you can contribute directly online through this site for your convenience.  Until then, we ask that you send your generous contributions to:

Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles
3261 Overland Ave.
Los Angeles CA 90034

Contribute today and help Le Lycée develop the students who will undoubtedly help shape the world tomorrow.

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