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Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles


"Forgotten Images"

"Forgotten Images"

High school students gained a new perspective on Black History Month as a unique traveling exhibit made a stop at the Lycée.

From the gruesome slave years African-Americans had to once endure to the fight for Black freedom, "Forgotten Images", an African American-based travelling exhibition, pleasantly presented Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles last Wednesday with the history of African Americans.

The exhibition displayed real-life pieces, such as the chains the slaves had to wear, a real-worn Ku Klux Klan robe, the mattress made with the help of slaves, various segregation signs and items that were displayed during the Jim Crow laws era, and multiple posters and pictures displaying African-American based events and movies. These genuine pieces allowed us as students to gather a deeper understanding of African American history since it allowed us to interact with the history physically. For example, students could feel the cotton the slaves had to once pick under the beaming sun and students had the chance to carry the heavy-weighted chains slaves had to wear. The gym was filled with students sharing surprised faces and shocked reactions as they learned what African-Americans had to struggle through in the past. This exhibition showcased an important part of history, not only through genuine pieces and tour, but through its ambience and projection.

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