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Mystery Readers at Campus 55!

Each Friday, we are inviting parents and/or grandparents to surprise the children by reading a favored book at Campus 55. Volunteer readers will bring a special or favorite book, or choose a book from our well-stocked library, to read to the class. In order for this to remain a mystery, adults will naturally keep their identities TOP SECRET from all the children, including their own.

Prior to arriving at the appointed time, 2:15PM, the Mystery Reader will give the student's teacher a printout of 5 clues about themselves. Clues can include:
  • Hair color
  • Favorite food
  • Color or type of car
  • Number of children
  • Language spoken at home
  • Pets at home, and so on

The teacher will read these 5 clues to the class before the reader's arrival to build suspense and keep the students guessing about the identity of the Mystery Reader.

This interactive activity is not only fun for the children and staff, but also allows relatives to be present and involved in the school program. Inviting guests into our school adds variety, particularly if the book selection is not one the children are familiar with, exposes students to other readers whose style may be different than the teachers', and builds excitement for reading.

Please volunteer at your earliest convenience. Read-on!

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