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National Teacher Appreciation Day, also known as National Teacher Day, is observed on the first full week in May. What a glorious surprise we at Campus 55 received when on our first day returned from our Spring Break, children arrived at school with bouquets of flowers for our dedicated teachers. To our continued delight and amazement, educators were feted on each consecutive day when we received treats of one kind or another: Tuesday succulent fruits, Wednesday, cookies and snacks, Thursday, office supplies, and Friday, a sweet and heartfelt thank you note. If all that was not enough, our precious student body presented us with a delicious lunch on which to feast.

We are all incredibly grateful to have such fantastic, generous, and kind families. We were touched by the many gestures of kindness and consideration. You have spoiled us in a unique and beautiful way and we are ever thankful.

Endless thanks to all the Lycée students and parents. We love our wonderful Lycée community.