The eight (8) member Leadership Team is comprised of the school President, Heads of Campuses, and the Dean of Faculty. Two trustees of the Board of Trustees (President and Secretary) are members of the Leadership Team, but while serving on the Leadership Team act only in the capacity of school Headmaster and Director. The Leadership Team provides oversight of all school programs, including students' educational progression, professional development, curriculum policies and development, faculty/staff credentials and employment, public relations, faculty evaluations, assessment of student test outcomes, procurement of instructional resources and materials, student discipline and employee dispute resolution.

The school leadership convenes every Wednesday and meetings continue as long as necessary, averaging 2-3 hours in duration. As the principal governing body, the Leadership Team delegates and administrates most aspects of the school program and curriculum. Campus Heads are responsible for the operations at their respective campuses. They facilitate the enactment of school policies and are responsible for managing teaching faculty, students, supervisors, administrative and custodial staff associated with their school. Additionally, they work closely with teachers, supervisors, parents as well as other members of the school community to ensure the smooth execution of the school mission.

Weekly Leadership Team meetings enable our school to rapidly respond to local and national trends and considerations and serve as an incubator for important planning sessions where Leadership Team members share ideas and develop strategies for future school development. These meetings are utilized as a means to continually assess our school’s relevance to our mission and stakeholders’ expectations.

The Lycée Français de Los Angeles Board of Trustees is comprised of six (6) trustees who are dedicated and loyal to the school’s mission and educational objectives. Each of the trustees contributes to the school based on their professional expertise, or other qualities that they are willing to share toward the continuing success of our school. Primary functions of the board include reviewing financial reports, addressing matters associated with major school resource expenditures, and long range planning.