Mission Statement

Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles seeks to provide its students with maximal opportunities to develop and enrich their personal potential through education of, and attention to, the whole person. Its unique educational focus lies in its students' diversity, representing many ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds. 

Our students develop their intellect to the highest possible level through our world-class French-European and English language programs and equally well-regarded North American teaching and learning approaches. The fruits of this union include student capacity for incisive, advanced analytical thought, heightened awareness, a wealth of knowledge in the humanities, and diverse personal perspectives on global issues. 

Another result of LyceeLA's synergy is our students’ heightened sensitivity, respect, and appreciation for others’ points of view. Our school fosters an environment conducive to respect for cultural differences and encourages multicultural dialogue and exchange. We hold dear the fundamental principle of the equality of all peoples without consideration of race, ethnicity, or religion. At Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles, students live and breathe diversity. Daily, they negotiate conflicts and experience the world on the playground. In accordance with the founders’ vision of creating a world community within a microcosmic, classical educational program, we offer students a unique opportunity to experience in vivo the value of lifelong learning amid cultural diversity.