Student Learning Outcomes


Students of Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles are expected to achieve the following skills:

Critical Thinking:
• Analyze problems from numerous perspectives • Use a variety of research modalities in their analysis • Approach problems through dialectic, Socratic dialogue

Multilingual Communication:
• Communicate effectively and have an excellent command of French and English, Spanish, or German (or other languages) • Demonstrate knowledge of significant literary and cultural contributions associated with these language skills, etc.

College Readiness:
• Be ready, willing, and able to join a fruitful college life and a successful professional workforce

Independent and Self-Directed Learners:
• Work effectively alone or collaboratively • Maintain and appreciate self-discipline

Cultural Sensitivity:
• Work effectively in a multicultural environment • Respect the rights of others • Empathize with the plight of others

Social Consciousness:
• Demonstrate awareness of current social issues • Engage in improving their communities

Lifelong Enrichment:
• Demonstrate a love of music, the arts, physical fitness, and good nutrition