Elementary School: Grades 2nd-5th

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Our International Elementary School in West Los Angeles

2nd through 5th grades are located at the Main Campus on "Overland Hill," (with 2nd grade also at the Pacific Palisades Campus). As students become more sophisticated, they are trained to think for themselves, encouraged to solve problems and become involved in research and resources. This is facilitated by collaborative projects in both the International and French Programs. Both sections benefit from a generous schedule of French and English coursework as well as Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Art, Computer Science, Music, and Physical Education. Students at our West Los Angeles private elementary school learn from many resources as each campus has a full bilingual library, computer center, and garden. Class projects take center stage giving life like meaning to a student's learning and individual expression.

Each campus has an after-school program consisting of various activities such as: Ballet, Fencing, Karate, Drama, and Sports. Students may also attend Study Hall and receive guidance in their academics and homework.

By the end of the Fifth grade, they are unquestionably ready to tackle the demands of  middle school and can certainly move seamlessly into the Middle School program at Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles.

Elementary grades are offered at the following campuses:

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Pacific Palisades
16720 Marquez Ave
Pacific Palisades, CA

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Main (Elementary)
3261 Overland Ave
Los Angeles, CA

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