High School: Grades 9th-12th

Our Curriculum

At LyceeLA’s college preparatory High School, education is a blend of the sciences and the arts where students, guided and instructed by the staff, become true critical thinkers and acquire the tools needed to be lifelong learners.

This unique program provides each student with the research and analytical tools needed to enter college prepared to “hit the ground running.” While LyceeLA also measures test results, at the same time we are engaging students in rigorous dialectic exercises designed to turn each into a quality thinker. The student-to-teacher ratio is ideal for in-depth discussion and team projects.

College Preparation & Diplomas

Le Lycée is in constant contact with colleges to guarantee that its students have all of the courses required to enter college including the A-G requirements for the University of California system. 98% of Le Lycée students go to American universities and colleges. The International School Program follows the California Educational Standards as a minimum guideline for developing its curriculum. The French School Program follows the curriculum developed by the French Ministry of Education. Each section adheres to the same principles of serious scholasticism.

Of course, each student receives a hard-earned American high school diploma. In addition, students in the French School Program sit for the prestigious French Baccalaureate (Classic or BFI) and consistently receive outstanding scores.

The Raymond and Esther Kabbaz High School is designed to house all the essentials necessary for a successful high school career. Le Lycée believes that there is no substitute for quality work in a stimulating environment and students are noticeably proud of their programs.

LyceeLA hosts SAT coaching on-campus to help each student achieve his or her highest potential during the entire school year as well as summer. The Counseling Department works carefully with every student to assure that they are able to apply confidently to their college of choice.

Outside of the Raymond & Esther Kabbaz high school building.

High School
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