Diplomas and Certificates


Upon successful completion of the 12th grade, all students will be awarded at least one of the following diplomas or certificates. Students may aim for up to three of these awards. 99% of our students graduate with at least two of these diplomas, which are highly prized by university admissions scouts throughout North America as well as Europe.

California High School Diploma (ALL students, both ISP and FSP )

This diploma is offered in all American public and private high schools, and certifies that the student has successfully completed the required number of credits to graduate from high school and apply for an American university. The minimum credit requirements vary between states. The Advanced Placement (AP) program enables students to take university level classes in high school.

Franco-American Baccalaureate (FSP only) This transcultural diploma, jointly recognized by the American College Board as well as the French Ministry of Education, includes all the French Bac requirements along with a large number of AP classes in English.

Classic French Baccalaureate, (FSP only) This is commonly known as “Le BAC.” Students specialize in either the Economic/Social (ES) , the Scientific (S) , or the Literary/Linguistic (L) track for the traditional Bac exam.

Capstone Diploma (ISP and FSP) This prestigious  diploma” is the College Board’s answer to the International Baccalaureate. It requires successful completion of two Capstone Seminars along with four AP classes with a score of 3 or higher. 

Capstone Certificate (ISP and FSP) This is awarded upon successful completion of  the Capstone Seminar and Capstone Research.