International School Program

EarlyChildhood -group-playground

This college prep program which starts in 2nd grade adheres to the guidelines of the California Standards to guarantee that all requirements for college are not only met, but far exceeded. Instruction is in English  with the exception of the French class and other language classes. (Everyone at Le Lycée learns French regardless of section or prior knowledge.) What makes our international school program unique is its emphasis on a more analytical European style of education, including organizational skills, critical thinking skills, and a comprehensive point of view that includes exploration of the social and cultural relevancy and depth of the material. Students are tested with American standardized tests.

Highlights: ISP students take Mandarin from 3rd-5th grade and this becomes an 'elective' course from 6th grade. Latin is required in 6th grade and an additional language (such as Spanish or German) is required starting in 9th grade. French is a required course in all grades, with English being the ISP core curriculum language.

Diplomas & Certificates 

Course Descriptions