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Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles

Two Programs - English and French Curriculums
Students of ALL levels of English and French are welcome


Century City Campus

Offering Kindergarten 2 and 1st Grade classes

We welcome and encourage you to visit our newly renovated Century City Campus and explore the many wonders of our outstanding Kindergarten 2 and First grade programs. Our high quality, unique bilingual educational program offers unparalleled opportunities that extend beyond learning a second language. Cultural exposure to diversity along with learning a second language helps to expand a child’s mind in a myriad of ways. Diversity serves to strengthen community and camaraderie leading to a better understanding of today’s world. Studies have supported that bilingual education enhances cognitive development and creativity, helps children deal better with conflict management, strengthens memory skills, and allows for pronunciation proficiencies that parallel native speakers. Simply stated, a bilingual education will help shape your child to be more adaptable and flexible in the changing environment in which we live.

Our fully-secured campus includes 4 attractive and spacious Kindergarten/K2 classrooms, as well as 4 additional well-equipped First grade classrooms. Our seasoned, caring, and nurturing teachers are all credentialed. They are certified from either the French Ministry of Education or the state of California, as well as First Aid/CPR/CERT. Our support staff is dedicated and accommodating. Our cafeteria offers well balanced, homemade meals in a cheery setting and children can now relax and enjoy eating their lunches in a newly created peaceful patio-garden space as well as a library where children check-out both French and English books, a Music Room filled with instruments, a Gymnasium complete with two climbing walls, and a spacious playground with a play structure. Our campus is also home to our marvelous 225 seat Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz, where students enjoy multidisciplinary and multicultural shows throughout the year, including theater, music, lectures, and screenings.

Our goal at the Century City Campus is to provide an introduction and smooth transition to elementary school from preschool, where children continue to develop and gain essential social and emotional skills, problem-solving and study skills that are vital throughout their schooling, within a quality and nurturing environment where a high academic standard is tradition. We promote self-esteem, cooperation, empathy, creativity, and curiosity, the foundation upon which a well accomplished student can succeed. Additionally, to complement our strong academic programs, we have a myriad of extra curricular activities to help stimulate the creative and athletic talents of our students. We offer ballet, piano, Art, STEM, karate, and soccer among other after school choices.

We look forward to making your acquaintance and introducing you to both our unique educational system and our Century City campus. Our Lycée families are special to us and we hope you will join our community.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Frédérique Haustête,
Head of Century City Campus

Frédérique Haustête, Head of Century City Campus


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Key Information:

Century City Campus

10361 W. Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles CA 90064

Grades: K2 through 1st Grade

Prospective Family Questions? 310-836-3464 ext 315