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A European-inspired education for today’s global community – from preschool through 12th grade.


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Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles

Dual Programs - French and English Curriculums



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CPT4 Tests are Underway

The National Comprehensive Tests are being taken this week. Good luck students!

Alumni News!

Congratulations to Marissa Bray (Lycée Class of 2014). Cornell University is awarding her one of two "Juliette MacMonnies Courant Prizes for 2018". This is an award in recognition of the most academically accomplished graduating female French major.

Century City Campus

Take a virtual tour of our campus on 10361 West Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064.

Forgotten Images - Traveling museum

Middle and High School students viewed a traveling educational exhibit with more than 20,000 remarkable artifacts showing the oppression of African-Americans going back to the days of slave ships.


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7th Graders - A week in Catalina

Le Lycée 7th Graders are enjoying their trip to Catalina Island - loads of fun and exciting activities - in and out of the water!


Italian fencing athletes visit Le Lycee and our very own fencing champion, Zak Latif.
Pictured from left to right Mrs. Kabbaz, Zak Latif, Daniel Garozzo (#1 in World Men's Foil), Alice Volpi (#2 in World Women's Foil), Maître d'Armes Fabio Galli (coach) and Dr. Valentina Necci (orthopedic surgeon).

Focus on Fencing

Sebastien Noel is currently ranked #1 in the region for his age category, Y10. He won 6th place in the last National tournament in Baltimore and is hoping to make this year's Pan Am International games. Good Luck!

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Look who wrote a book!!

One of Le Lycee’s own, Mr. Steve Frank, has authored a book called 'Armstrong & Charlie'. Congratulations!


Promoting Global Outreach

 "The Global Outreach Club" is a Lycée High School student-led group that fundraises and volunteers in support of different organizations each semester. Stay tuned - they will be starting their annual Sweatshirt sale soon!

Learn more about them here.

TV Filming at Le Lycée

French television station TF1 filmed on the Elementary, Middle and High School campuses October 2 through October 5. They made a short-clip and a longer broadcast video. Both are also available on Le Lycée Facebook site.

The station was filming a documentary for their popular program called "50 Minutes Inside" which has been broadcasting since 2006. It airs on Saturdays from 5:55 to 7:50pm and is presented by French celebrities Sandrine Quétier and Nikos Aligas with over 3 720 000 viewers. The program reports on trends, celebrity news, travel and stories of interest. 


And the votes are in!

It was a very important week for the Middle School! The students once again participated in that time honored tradition of Student Body Council and elected their representatives: Student Body Council, Class President and Vice-President.

The High School also held elections. Congratulations go to:

President - Milla Ghandour

Vice President - Juliette Cornet

Secretary - Deema Basrawi


"The Parent Committee's Happy Hour Social kicked off on September 28 at Bouchon to great success.

Lycée Link

The first edition of the "Lycée Link" - the school's all-school e-newsletter was published today. 

If you have a story or event to share, please let us know.