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A European-inspired education.  Preschool - 12th grade. WE TEACH THE WORLD.  

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Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles

Two Programs - French and English Curriculums
Students of ALL levels of French and English are welcome


REMINDER Vidigami - school photo repository

Vidigami is a secure invite only service that is using your email address as your login. You should have received an email invite from Vidigami to activate your account. All you need to do is to click on the link in the email to set up the password. After that you can go to to login to your account.

If you need Vidigami to resend the invite please email

Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles families and teachers are invited to share photos using Vidigami, a photo sharing system specifically built to store and share school memories. In addition to Facebook, parents are now able to access photographs of their child that have been uploaded by other community members such as teachers, sports coaches, other parents and students.

Vidigami features:

  • Private and secure access to photos limited to the school community only.
  • Photos can be shared quickly and easy from your smartphone (available for Android & iOS) To learn more about the app please see here.
  • View all the tagged photos of your child on your landing page. Note that in the beginning of the school year photos might not be tagged yet. If you come across any photo of your child or anyone you know please tag them. Here is how.

Set up your account:

Step 1: Activate your Vidigami account from the email invitation. See video.
Step 2: View photos. Share photos. Upload your own photos, but please remember school-related photos only.

See tutorial for parents here.

See tutorial for staff/faculty here.

You can direct your questions to Hillary Larson at