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Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles

Two Programs - English and French Curriculums
Students of ALL levels of English and French are welcome



Le Lycée by Numbers

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Blueprint for Reopening

Mme Kabbaz discusses changes to the campuses and plans for the Reopening in a video and documentation sent out to families

Virtual Summer Camp - Delicious Dishes

Our online summer camp is in full swing. In addition to academics, Mme Deschamps is engaging campers daily in cooking and baking such delights as Moroccan couscous salad, tarte aux pommes, gougères, and homemade tortillas and quesadillas. YUM!

Musical Lunch - Elementary

Normally, we would have held the "Défi Musique" in the cafeteria. Every year, a few students are selected to perform for their friends at lunch. This year, they recorded themselves - a comforting gift in these surreal and scary times. Click here

National Classics Exams - LyceeLA Students Awarded

Congratulations to our Lycée students for their outstanding performance in the national exams administered by the American Classical League - 13 students have been awarded prestigious distinctions!