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Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles

Two Programs - English and French Curriculums
Students of ALL levels of English and French are welcome



Le Lycée by Numbers

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Musical Lunch - Elementary

Normally, we would have held the "Défi Musique" in the cafeteria. Every year, a few students are selected to perform for their friends at lunch. This year, they recorded themselves - a comforting gift in these surreal and scary times. Click here

National Classics Exams - LyceeLA Students Awarded

Congratulations to our Lycée students for their outstanding performance in the national exams administered by the American Classical League - 13 students have been awarded prestigious distinctions!

LyceeLA Alumni wins Harvard Fay Prize 2020

Alumni Alejandro Quintana, Le Lycée Class of 2016 and Valedictorian, is awarded Fay Prize 2020.

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